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Sacramento Garage Door For Professional Garage Track Repair
When garage door tracks malfunction they impede the smooth travel path of your garage door, since the tracks act as the guide for the rollers movement. Sacramento Garage Door handles this type of garage door track repair all the time, and we provide garage track installation, and garage track removal during garage renovations.

Garage track systems are generally comprised of four separate pieces, CAo vertical tracks and CAo horizontal tracks, held at joints by flag brackets at the top edge of the vertical tracks. When damaged they can become out of alignment, bend, split or snap in CAo and become separated at the flag brackets.
Garage track repair for a track out of alignment is an easy fix, all other situations require immediate professional assistance in order to prevent further damage to the garage door mechanical and electronic systems. Depending on the level of damage, garage track replacement by Sacramento Garage Door may be the only alternative.

Sacramento Garage Door wants to caution all customers both residential and commercial to never attempt to repair an upper track on their own. These types of garage track repair or garage track installation can be dangerous since they support the torsion spring shaft or the entire tension of the extension springs.

The need for garage track repair is usually in response to another problem within the garage door operating systems. Problems caused by a broken cable drum connection or broken cable will cause the door to pull to one side and bend or snap the garage door track. Other causes for garage track repair include:
  • Lack of lubrication on roller stems creates roller displacement and the lower portion of the horizontal garage track becomes bent in response.
  • Vertical garage tracks can split due to continuous scraping of lock strikers.
  • Garage door footings and jambs become weak from earth movement, shifting of construction materials and decay, allowing the garage track to shift.
  • Accidents caused by vehicle collision at homes or commercial plants.
  • Horizontal garage track metal fatigue from continuous heavy weight of the door itself.
Sacramento Garage Door can diagnose the problem for you and provide professional garage track repair as well as fixing an underlying mechanical or electronic failure.

Sacramento Garage Door responds frequently to commercial properties and industrial warehouses where the vertical tracks have been pulled out of shape due to the door buckling after being struck by a forklift, a semi slamming into a loading dock or other type of machinery collision, or the building being struck by a vehicle.

 Residential vertical garage tracks are most commonly damaged by the door being hit by the owners vehicle, or something was left in the path of the garage door and it came down on top of the object.

When your vertical garage track needs straightening, Sacramento Garage Door can provide garage track repair that in most cases allows the track to perform as good as new. In some cases where the vertical garage track has sustained damage while the door was partially open, then the more severe damage may require garage track removal and replacement.

Sacramento Garage Door wants to caution customers that in the case of a collision that results in loosened jambs, then the garage track welding and steel channels have most likely been compromised, and the vertical garage tracks will require replacement for safety and peak operational performance.
Residential horizontal garage track repair can be the result of the home owners failure to realize that the garage track needs regular cleaning and lubrication, or as the result of an aging garage door. Once the garage door leaves the vertical position, it is supported by the spring system as it moves upwards to the horizontal position. When garage door springs break, the horizontal garage track can be compromised and require garage track replacement.
Customers who call Sacramento Garage Door find that their experience is one they can trust. Our technicians respond to every call with professional courtesy, knowledgeable solutions, and when you are not sure what is wrong with your garage door, they can tell you.

In order to ensure the safety of all of our customers we ask that you call us before attempting any garage door repair yourself, we will tell you honestly over the phone or online if the problem is a DIY task, or it requires professional assistance. When the problem requires a professional, then Sacramento Garage Door does the work for you, and we do it right the first time.

Call Sacramento Garage Door, or fill out an online-form for service request, and we will respond promptly with the correct solution. We believe in remaining focused on our customers safety and security when it comes to their garage doors, and that is why we have designed a full service garage door company that can meet the needs of every residential and commercial garage door customer.

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